Monthly Organizational Reports API/Google Sheet

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Monthly Organizational Reports API/Google Sheet

Hi, devs,

Looking for an API to assist in pulling my monthly organizational reports. I need to link the reports to PowerBi for clear visualization. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Riser : I never tested this but i think you can do that with RESTAPI from the Meraki and get the data in JSON format!rest-api/enable-api


And on other hand in PowerBi

according to the content in the link that the API Reponses in JSON, you can get the data by using "Get Data"-->"Other"-->"Web". And then extend JSON to a table in query editor.



You can replace it with a link like "http://[school][token returned from previous step]" in your link.


Regarding refreshing, you can publish it to Power BI Service and schedule refresh. Let me know if it resolves 


Inderdeep Singh


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That is cool @Inderdeep !

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