Monitoring devices using Paessler prtg and api calls/checks

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Monitoring devices using Paessler prtg and api calls/checks

We use the PRTG monitor sensor template for monitoring health and licenses.

Does anyone knows wich API version used in this templates?


I know this is Beta templates, but we should be able to know the settings?

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It's going to be API v1, as v0 had no sensor endpoints and this mentions Meraki IOT devices...


You can use this if you want to see exactly which endpoints your Paessler system is using...


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Bear in mind that the probe that PRTG provide to monitor the Meraki licensing doesn't work if you have per device licensing as I found out last year. 


PRTG is great software though we use it as one of the means of monitoring our systems and infrastructure. 

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