Manage organization admins with API

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Manage organization admins with API



as an MSP we have access to a lot of customer organizations. Every time we have new employees we have to add them manually into the dashboard, it takes lot of time.


Is there any simple guide on how to use Meraki Dashboard API to manage this?

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If your employees don't all need API keys, I'd absolutely bite the bullet and setup SAML right now. I'm looking into doing that to provision my help desk with guest ambassador status and read-only visibility.


Our network team proper each use the API fairly regularly, and we want separate keys for non-repudiation, so for now we're using email-based admin accounts with 2fa. For creating a new network eng account, I use


My Friend... I completely sympathize, because I was thinking the same thing before I wrote my own code. I have no idea what the other responses are: But my code works. 

Feel free to add/contribute where you see fit. 


Use it as per the licensing on github:

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