MV Sense - Daylight saving time is not calculated properly


MV Sense - Daylight saving time is not calculated properly



I am trying to get the weekly data with Analytics Overview API -!rest-api/analytics-overview


My camera is currently configured as Australia/Melbourne(AEST) timezone. And last Sunday (5th/April/2020) finished daylight saving time. Since then, below request has been failed because of the time adjustment.


My request body is as below:




- GMT: Saturday, April 4, 2020 13:00:00
- Your time zone: Sunday, April 5, 2020 0:00:00 GMT+11:00 DST


- GMT: Saturday, April 11, 2020 13:59:59
- Your time zone: Saturday, April 11, 2020 23:59:59 GMT+10:00


The result is as below:


    "errors": [
        "timespan is too large"



Can you tell me how I fix this issue?



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

As far as I am aware, the camera and API only work in UTC - they have no concept of day light savings time.

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