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Loss and Latency API



We are using the Loss and Latency API to check the Loss and Latency of network interface. In the GUI you can still see a proper loss and latency, however if you use the API and do a request every minute, you get lots of None (which is no data)


param = {}
param['timespan'] = 800
param['uplink'] = "wan1"
my_latency_results = dashboard.devices.getDeviceLossAndLatencyHistory(my_serial,my_dst_ip,**param)
[{'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:15:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:16:00Z', 'lossPercent': 0, 'latencyMs': 29.9}, {'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:16:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:17:00Z', 'lossPercent': 0, 'latencyMs': 29.1}, {'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:17:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:18:00Z', 'lossPercent': 0, 'latencyMs': 30.3}, {'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:18:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:19:00Z', 'lossPercent': 0, 'latencyMs': 32.8}, {'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:19:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:20:00Z', 'lossPercent': 0, 'latencyMs': 29.4}, {'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:20:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:21:00Z', 'lossPercent': 0, 'latencyMs': 29.5}, {'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:21:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:22:00Z', 'lossPercent': 0, 'latencyMs': 29.0}, {'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:22:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:23:00Z', 'lossPercent': 0, 'latencyMs': 31.7}, {'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:23:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:24:00Z', 'lossPercent': 0, 'latencyMs': 30.8}, {'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:24:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:25:00Z', 'lossPercent': 0, 'latencyMs': 31.5}, {'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:25:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:26:00Z', 'lossPercent': 0, 'latencyMs': 32.4}, {'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:26:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:27:00Z', 'lossPercent': 0, 'latencyMs': 37.4}, {'startTs': '2021-03-08T12:27:00Z', 'endTs': '2021-03-08T12:28:00Z', 'lossPercent': None, 'latencyMs': None}]
since i always check the last returned record with :
my_latency_wan1 = my_latency_results[-1]
Is this a timing issue between the meraki cloud and the meraki appliance itself ?
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You seem to be running once per minute with an 800 second lookback from 'now', the only Nones that I see in your sample occur in the last record.


I'd guess the most recent data have not yet reached the cloud.


If you instead use a t0-t1 window that starts, say, 20 minutes ago and ends 5 minutes ago, do you still get the Nones?

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