Location Analytics

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Location Analytics

I am looking to pull the location analytics out of the dashboard and into a separate dbase for additional analyis.  I was hoping to pull the exact data out of the dashboard and not observation data from the CMX Scanning API - which is obviously a lot of data (in addition, I see that some api calls are EOL).  Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Fantasticmrfox : This is what you can look into.. Not specifically did that myself but you may connect with the support

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yes...this is how we do it now.  It is raw observation data from the scanning API, which is a tremendous amount of data.  I am interested in grabbing the location analytics that Meraki has in the dashboard.

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This question has come up a few times, but there's no way in the API to access the dashboard display data.


But the location analytics page does allow CSV download, if you dig into it, you'll see the CSV buttons actually contain the data you want, like this in the Proximity button...




It's a bit clunky, but you could write a script to load the analytics page for the target network/dates, then grab the data from the three CSV buttons.




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