Local ID configurations for Non Meraki VPN peers

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Local ID configurations for Non Meraki VPN peers



As also mentioned in another discussion thread, V1 Dashboard API does not support a payload that provides local id information (which is ignored). So when configuring a VPN peer with IKEv2, will the MX device use the IPv4 address associated with the local end point in establishing the connection? 




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

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The documentation does not mention anything about the local ID and how that is handled if it is not provided in the configuration. Hence wanted to know what the behaviour would be or specifically if there is any implicit use of IPv4 address by MX devices when establishing VPN connectivity to third party peers. 

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I'm not sure what the MX would use but previously we have just manually entered the Local ID after creating the VPN via the API. I would also be interested if there is a standard value that Meraki uses or if the VPN tunnel just wouldn't be established until the Local ID is entered manually.

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