Live "lite" Site Survey using Sanapi RSSI info

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Live "lite" Site Survey using Sanapi RSSI info

Hi all,

I'm currently receiving the ScanAPI data (which includes nearAPrssi data) and using Google BigQuery to store all the info.

Running now a bunch of location related reports, but it struck me (and one of my customers) that we could have interesting information about WiFi devices and do some kind of "Live light site survey" based on the ScanApi info already received and stored.

Now, I know that RSSI is different than SNR and the strength of the signal is influenced by device power emission, so I was wondering if we can get the "noise" information from some means from the API.

I found "getNetworkWirelessSignalQualityHistory" from Dashboard API v1 python SDK, and I'm able to get the "noise" form the SNR ... wonder if there was an easy and/or better way to do this.

Any ideas? Any thoughts?

Meraki Employee

I think this is a pretty cool idea.


The biggest challenge with making a site survey is having to walk around with a client to take measurements. 

Now, you can use Scanning API v3 to get tons of RSSI readings with a variety of clients to plot out.


In addition, you could use the several new wireless health endpoints to include things such as SNR, background noise such as "non 802.11 traffic", etc.


With some clever heat mapping, you could discover the reality of your wireless environment.!get-network-wireless-channel-utilization-history








Hi Dexter,

Thanks for your answer.

I was trying to find a good way to have this info but it has some issues in terms of scalability.


Here are the problems:

1. Both NetworkWirelessSignalQualityHistory and  NetworkWirelessSignalQualityHistory API calls are "per device".

2. Because of the above it's not scalable to do one API request per device / per minute


Any ideas on how to get more detailed quality info about WiFi, taking into account we already have RSSI in the ScanAPI? in a scalable way?

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