Is there a method to obtain data points used to generate WAN Loss and Latency graphs?

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Is there a method to obtain data points used to generate WAN Loss and Latency graphs?



for one contract I am getting constant issues raised for poor quality VOIP calls (but they are issues from days or even weeks before)

It seems to be down to a WAN provider and the WAN Loss & Latency graphs are showing constant 7% => 20% loss, but averaged data points don't give me a great picture.

Ideally I could specify a period (say a specific day) for stats in the Appliance => Uplink page but we know that isn't there 😉

Is there any method (or work around) to obtain all the loss figures for a specified period and plot my own graphs?

I realise this could be quite intensive for the backend services and would expect pretty strict rate limiting or other restrictions to be in place.



Kind of a big deal

You might be able to do it using this API call.


You wont be able to get it via the dashboard in the way you want.

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I had been looking at that API call but it would mean me being antisocial and making a lot of requests (say multiple queries for 1 or 2 minute period periods) which would require more processing to send less precise info than than the less intensive task of simply downloading the raw data 😞


The problem is that we have a customer who complains about poor quality VOIP calls and management constantly try to blame the Meraki infrastructure.

So when a call lands with me a week (or more) after the issue was raised I can only see a Losses and Latency with minimal datapoints for the period I'm interested in, while it's fairly obvious the wan connections were utterly awful averaged values between 10% & 25% don't serve me too well.

It would be great to simply download the full stats held in the Dashboard database (even if the extraction was was heavily rate limited.)

Of course it would help if the 1st & 2nd line people would do more than look at something other than the MX summary  stats for the previous two hours <sigh>

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