Has anyone Used Google Forms to allow admins to add devices?

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Has anyone Used Google Forms to allow admins to add devices?

My team is very wide spread and we have a retail team that handles the new store openings. What I would like to do is allow the onsite team to use a google form to do the following. 


1. Have a dropdown with available inventory and add to their selected network. 


2. Take a picture of their UPC and have it grabbed by the form and add to the network. 


Does anyone have any experience? 


For reference, I saw that there are some Google Script options in the Meraki Git but I wanted to ask here as well. 




Kind of a big deal

I haven't used Google forms for this.


But the calls you need are available in the API:


Claim a device, license key, or order into an organization

Return the inventory for an organization

Claim a device into a network


So the first option should be possible.


The second option depends on the image recognition/processing capabilities of Google forms. I don't know about those.

Meraki Employee

I've built a few things around this, with varying degrees of success.


Here is a Google Form, which allows you to provision a network with an admin user as an example.


The huge challenge with Google Forms is that the form itself can't be very dynamic. It was difficult to make an API call at the launch of the form, to pull in data (i.e. inventory) before presenting options. Instead, this form will use hard coded items and then runs the API script to provision the network. It may be possible to add a more dynamic form, but it wasn't obvious.


Secondly, I just built a simple tool that is similar to your actual use case with VueJs. 
It's called the Meraki Swapper, with the basic use case of swapping out a Meraki switch. Built for a technician to arrive to site, select the existing switch, select a destination from inventory,  clone settings, and optionally remove source.


Hope this helps,


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