✨ Introducing shiny new API operations ✨ (and Cisco Live Amsterdam)

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

✨ Introducing shiny new API operations ✨ (and Cisco Live Amsterdam)

Hey everyone,
The team has been busy lately working on some anticipated updates to share! 🚀


Our latest Meraki API operations are now live and ready to revolutionize your integration experience. Get ready to supercharge your workflows with these features:
  • 🔔 Callbacks: Now you can enjoy support for ping, pingDevice, and action batches like never before. Say goodbye to checking the status of a job, and get the results delivered directly to the webhook receiver close to you.
  • 🖥️ MAC Address Table - for MS switches.
  • 🔍 ARP Table - for MS switches.
  • 🔌 Cable Test - for MS switches.
  • 💤 Wake On LAN: Need to wake up device remotely on a schedule? Our WoL API operation has got you covered - for MS switches.
  • 🏃‍♀️ Speed Test (available in early access) - for MX appliances.These new additions are geared towards enhancing your experience and capabilities within the Meraki platform, so make sure to check them out when you get a chance!


Stay tuned for more updates and happy developing!

If you'll be attending Cisco Live Amsterdam next week, the API and ecosystem team will be there in full force.
If you’re not already registered for one of our sessions, book a “meet the expert” meeting with us, or simply come by to say hello at the DevNet zone and the Cisco Networking booth.

🟢 17:30: Unite Meraki, Catalyst and ISE with ansible! - DEVWKS-2301 (
(Guru Francois Caen and me)

🟢 10:30: APIs for a Greener world - Achieve Network Sustainability goals with Meraki Dashboard APIs. - DEVNET-1379 (Maestra Shweta Palande)
🟢 13:30: Meraki and Ansible: A collaboration made in the cloud - DEVNET-1399 (Massimo FerrariMarkus Rainer, and Oren Brigg)
🟢 14:30: Monitoring at Scale with Meraki APIs - DEVNET-1449 (Shweta)
🟢 14:30: Application Creation Through Customizable Webhook Templates - DEVWKS-1035 (the amazing Cory Guynn)
🟢 15:30: Unlock API Innovation with the Meraki Ecosystem - DEVNET-2378 (with the one and only, Alicia Lorenzetti)
🟢 16:30: API design principles and considerations for massive scale - DEVNET-2710 (Jedi master John M. Kuchta)
🟢 16:30: Transforming Network Operations: How Cisco Meraki's licensing automation elevates productivity and simplifies subscription management - DEVLIT-2144 (Neelufer Mulla)

🟢 10:45: Introducing Meraki Integration in Webex Control Hub - CISCOU-1016 (Shweta and Omer)
🟢 13:30: Vanilla ISE: Building your own User-Friendly Custom UI - CISCOU-2027 (Oren Brigg)

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