Integrating Custom Hosted Splash Page "Portal" with CRM Tool - Implementation Questions

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Integrating Custom Hosted Splash Page "Portal" with CRM Tool - Implementation Questions

Have the public WiFi at our "store" splash page going to a simple custom-hosted splash page which asks for first name, last name, and email address to proceed to the internet.



This information is then directed into our CRM tool as a lead with source "Dealer WiFi Portal," which will join either an existing CRM profile [sales history, call history, etc] and show lead history or create a new lead if the customer is new to us. End result being, customer engagement with salesmen, even if they aren't buying today. 




I don't have a server that can handle the size of events necessary to finish the CMX API. I do have the system log server which I can write a script and serve/forward that information as to location so that the salesman knows in what general area the customer is in.  [Service Department, Sales Department, etc]. Having this information changes the type of employee that needs to be facing the customer, be it a service advisor, salesperson, parts, when these leads come in to the CRM tool, it's difficult to know what to do with them, other than know that the customer is on site.

Or, I'm thinking I can write a script to grab that information and push it to the endpoint that the lead is already going to, which could work. But then running into another problem....


If a salesman has been working with this particular customer and halfway through the deal, the customer decides to connect to WiFi and it links to their profile, and it connects their profile, how does the customer relationship management team know in their segregated office that this person has been here, is with the customer, and this does not need to be treated the same as a customer that is doing initial connection and is a true sales lead or someone that needs to be engaged?  The customer relationship team gets penalized for not responding to the lead within a certain time frame, which is where we run into the problem, not overrunning the customer with a phone call [which completes the CRM team's process] but also directing the employee type to engage with the customer and closing the gap.




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I would consider using a server in Amazon AWS if you are worried about capacity.  You can then scale it easily to the appropriate size.


What about if you enter the lead into the CRM for follow up in a weeks time?  Then it doesn't matter if someone has seen them or not.

We have to have our lead response time below a certain time frame, pay plans, third party lead souces, etc are tied to it. Maybe this needs to be put in some kind of analytics profile instead of a lead?


See link

Response Time Funnel




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That sounds reasonable.  It is not the same as a normal lead.  More like an unqualified prospect.

Thinking sideways - have you considered using a chat bot?


You could start by asking the person their name.  Then you could ask if they have spoken to anyone at the dealership yet, and if so, who.  You could also ask them if they would like someone to contact them, what kind of vehicle they are interested in, and help guide them towards more information to help them with a decision.

Yes actually, after I saw your post on the Meraki Chat Bot question I looked into them a little, and we are having a meeting about them today.  Curious as to if cookie data can be used to personalize the guided questions instead of having the same set for each user[?]


Do you have any recommendations on chatbots? I haven't looked into them before yesterday.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I personally like - however in your case because you are writing a custom splash page you either:

* Need to write your own chat box that authorises the users

* Use a basic splash page and then re-direct the user afterwards to a chat bot


Yeah we weren't really looking into using chatbots on the landing page per se. Actually got the splash page integrated with the CRM but further uncontrolled human interaction created a giant roadblock. 

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