I have issues with renaming the AP ( update Network Device) is not working for me

Getting noticed

I have issues with renaming the AP ( update Network Device) is not working for me

from meraki_sdk.meraki_sdk_client import MerakiSdkClient
from meraki_sdk.models.update_network_device_model import UpdateNetworkDeviceModel
from meraki_sdk.exceptions.api_exception import APIException

x_cisco_meraki_api_key = 'X-Cisco-Meraki-API-Key'
client = MerakiSdkClient(x_cisco_meraki_api_key)

devices_controller = client.devices
collect = {}
network_id = 'networkId4'
collect['network_id'] = network_id

serial = 'serial0'
collect['serial'] = serial

update_network_device = UpdateNetworkDeviceModel()
update_network_device.name = 'My AP'
update_network_device.tags = ' recently-added '
update_network_device.lat = 37.4180951010362
update_network_device.lng = -122.098531723022
collect['update_network_device'] = update_network_device

    result = devices_controller.update_network_device(collect)
except APIException as e: 
Kind of a big deal

Most basic question: have you set your API key


x_cisco_meraki_api_key = 'X-Cisco-Meraki-API-Key'


correctly? Your question or better the way you‘re describing the fault doesn‘t make it easy to help you unfortunately. E.g. what response / error are you getting with this.

yes it is working now but not with the Python liberary 

Kind of a big deal

Are you getting an error message back?


And I'm guessing you have obfuscated the network id, since a real network ID does not look like that?

their is some issue with python library.


It is working with REST Call 

Kind of a big deal
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