How to debug the speed of the Scanning API for selected networks

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How to debug the speed of the Scanning API for selected networks



we have the scanning api of several meraki networks from different customers and different countries connected to our API. For some of the networks we are seeing a "server is slow to respond" message, along with some "errors" that we can't understand. 




However, most of the networks show green. 


This is interesting, because our api is the same for all networks and we are using a serverless architecture beneath it (aws lambda functions hosted in europe, which is by far not hitting it's capacity). 


Here is an example of a network that is showing green:




As you can see, it also has a similar latency (slightly better). 


Here are my questions

  1. How can some networks work better than others if they are pointing to the same API
  2. How can we see the errors mentioned in the status page of the connection? (see screenshots)
  3. Does the country the network is physically located influence the latency?  




Kind of a big deal

I use AWS Lambda as well and get the same latency issue.


Lamba is slow to start scripts (or slow to instantiate the script).  This article seems to have a good discussion about this. 

Thanks Philip, 


if you are having the same issues, are you trying to solve it with lambda native? or are you just leaving it as it is? do you have performance issues because of this in general? 

Kind of a big deal

I've been using it for at least a year.  I've had no problems, performance or otherwise.

Thanks for sharing your experience! 

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