How do I use Location Scanning API data?

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How do I use Location Scanning API data?

Hi guys!!


I received location data using Location Scanning API.






















Each packet consists of data for a different AP.
Each packet contains location data for the same client.
But, the location data of the client is all different.



Q1. What location data should I use in the above situation?
       Should I calculate with location data?


Q2. Location Scanning API V3(beta)
       There is no location data as shown in the picture below.




















Is it because V3 is the beta version? The V3 need a different setup than V2?

Please, let me know what can I do.


Thanks in Advance.




(Test devices)

. Access Points : 4ea

  - MR33, MR36, MR32, MR34


. Clients : 2ea

  1) android tablet (associated) 

  2) android table (unassociated)


Building a reputation


you have a choice...


absolute: using latitude, longitude




relative: using x, y offsets from lower left of floorplan(s)


whether to use absolute or relative position really depends on your application




assuming you have the required minimum firmware for V3, perhaps you need to have early beta access? simplest way to check is probably to just open a case and ask if that is why you see no location data for V3

Meraki Employee

You should know which version of the API output is being generated - It's a while since I set mine up but, when you create a post URL (destination for the output) the API version is selectable, via a dropdown.

If you see only v1 or v2, I suspect you don't meet the pre-requisites for the Beta.  Beyond just having MR Access Points, this is down to firmware:

  • Firmware R26 for WiFi observations
  • Firmware R27.5 for BLE observations

One of the major advances with v3 is that it consolidates observations to a single POST (and location) per network, rather then getting different values, at slightly different times, from different APs.

This info and more is available here:!overview/requirements


Note that for AP models which pre-date 11AC Wave 2, r27 and subsequent firmware verions are not supported.   Some more info in this area here:


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