Getting an aggregated view of wireless channel utilization

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Getting an aggregated view of wireless channel utilization



Sorry for asking newbie questions, but I really am a newbie in this context. I saw in another post that there isn't an endpoint for getting a network aggregated view of current channel utilization of all APs. However, I have a hard time understanding the data provided by the API in this case. A client asked for a small dashboard giving a simple overview of networks.


I was looking at for example these two endpoints



I'm guessing that the `wifi0` and `wifi1` property in the response is the 2.4ghz and 5ghz respectively. Moreover, I'm still guessing here, that the `utilization` property is the number in percentage being utilized. But what is for example `wifi` and `non-wifi` in the list under the respective `wifiX` mentioned above? And which channels are being used?


I'm in a learning curve here regarding the Meraki environment.


Thanks in advance!

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@tenfortyeight : Filter it by band as describe below!get-network-wireless-channel-utilization-history


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Thanks @Inderdeep, but unfortunately that does not work, since you have to provide either a `clientId` or `serial` to get a response. And I'm still a puzzled about what exactly the data in the response correlates to.

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