GET v0/networks/[network_id]/sm/devices also for v1?


GET v0/networks/[network_id]/sm/devices also for v1?

Hi Meraki Team,


We are currently working on migrating from v0 to v1 of your API. 

We are using above mentioned API in v0 and are wondering if there is the same api in v1, where we get the whole list of devices registered behind a networkId. Like so:

GET v0/networks/[network_id]/sm/devices 

Additionally we used the same call with fields to look for a specific device by Serialnumber. Like so:

GET v0/networks/[network_id]/sm/devices?serials=[serialnumber]


Are for those two calls a v1 version available, that give a same/similar list of (filltered) devices?


Kind regards and a nice weekend!



I've inquired about the same endpoint in V1. The answer is that it's not available for the public yet. You can follow this room for updates to the API: WebEx Teams room: 

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