Dashboard API - details on SM apps

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Dashboard API - details on SM apps

We have dozens of networks.  Each network may have different versions of our enterprise app.  I want to be able to use the Dashboard APIs (or some other API approach?) to report which version of our app are installed on devices across all of the networks.

However, I didn't see anything in the Dashboard APIs which would give me information about SM apps.  Looking for recommendations.



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Hi! I'm also looking for an API endpoint that can provide me with the current app versions in all of my SM devices all at once. We handle thousands of devices across multiple networks and I know this endpoint /networks/:networkId/sm/devices/:deviceId/softwares exist, but it runs only for a single device at a time.

I've walked across all the releases of Dashboard APIs but couldn't find anything helpful. If anyone knows anything, it would be a great help.

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