Dashboard API Version 1.39.0 Released ☁️1️⃣⏺️3️⃣9️⃣⏺️0️⃣

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Dashboard API Version 1.39.0 Released ☁️1️⃣⏺️3️⃣9️⃣⏺️0️⃣

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Via our What's New Page here


Summary of Changes

  • 3 - New
  • 72 - Updated
  • 661 - Total Endpoints
  • 419 - Total Paths


  1. API & Webhooks Dashboard UI page

    • A new page in the Meraki Dashboard dedicated solely to API and Webhook management. For more details read the community post
  2. Integrated APIs section featuring SecureConnect published

    • A new section called Integrated APIs to bridge the gap between the multitude of software solutions we encounter.
    • Introducing Secure Connect Integrated APIs at api.meraki.com. A bridge to seamlessly connect diverse software solutions
  3. Postman collection for APIv1.39 released

  4. API interactive Documentation update

    • Improved security by providing test keys to run request against the API and restricting user sensitive API keys to be pasted in the documentation.

What's New

  • [ wireless ]
    • devices
      • Get average packet loss for the given timespan for all clients in the organization.
      • Get average packet loss for the given timespan for all devices in the organization. Does not include device’s own traffic.
      • Get average packet loss for the given timespan for all networks in the organization.

What's Changed

  • [ organizations ]
    • devices
      • List the status of every Meraki device in the organization

What's Updated

Response properties added to the following endpoints

  • organizations

  • camera

  • sensor

  • appliance

  • switch

  • networks

    • [settings]
      • Property clientPrivacy Deleted
  • sm

    • [devices]
      • Optional param uuids added
    • [profiles]
      • Summary changed from List all the profiles in the network to List all profiles in a network
    • [vppAccounts]
      • Response and optional properties added.


**Visit our Changelog today to read about all the latest updates!**

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Dashboard API Python Library v1.39.0 published!🐍✌🏼1️⃣3️⃣9️⃣0️⃣


Library version 1.39.0 includes the latest capabilities released in the latest dashboard API release.


Install or upgrade with:


pip install --upgrade meraki


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