Claiming devices with action batches, error 400

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Claiming devices with action batches, error 400

Hello All,


I'm very new to the work of programming and I am stuck on some code I have written. The code is basically this: I have a CSV of device serial numbers and I want to claim them into our organization. I'm using the Action batches API to do this. When I run the code I have written thus far, I get a 400 response. I'm thinking that my payload is not correct, but it could be anything at this point.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.




# Import os to get api key
import requests
import json
import os
import csv


api_key = os.environ.get("API_KEY")
baseUrl = ''

action_url = f"{baseUrl}organizations/XXXXXX/actionBatches"


headers = {
'Accept': '*/*',
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
'X-Cisco-Meraki-API-Key': api_key


# Open CSV file with serial numbers and print the headers
filename = 'meraki_ap.csv'
with open(filename) as f:
reader = csv.reader(f)
header_row = next(reader)


for index, column_header in enumerate(header_row):
print(index, column_header)


# Get serial numbers of devices
serials = []
for row in reader:
serial = str(row[1])


for serial in serials:
payload = """{
"confirmed": true,
"synchronous": false,
"actions": [
"resource": "/networks/L_XXXXXXXXXXXXX/devices/",
"operation": "claim",
"body": {
"serial": serial


claim =, headers=headers, data=payload)

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Re: Claiming devices with action batches, error 400

At a minimum, payload needs to be a dictionary, not a string as it is currently, so pass in data=json.dumps(payload) instead of data=payload

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Re: Claiming devices with action batches, error 400



I see you are using python. Why not use the Meraki API.... 

This is designed for easy use in python


(pip3 -install meraki)


and import meraki in the header


I have a small subroutine which i use to add devices to the organisation....


Maybe it is of any use


def Claim_Org_Device(def_org,def_serial😞

    claimed = 0
    my_inventory = dashboard.organizations.getOrganizationInventory(org_id)

    for my_device in my_inventory:
        if my_device['serial'] == def_serial:
            claimed = 1

    if claimed == 0:

        my_serial = {}
        my_list = []
        my_serial['serials'] = my_list

            response = dashboard.organizations.claimOrganization(def_org,**my_serial)
            print ("Error adding serial to organisation")
            print (response)


there is a small check if the device is already there, but you can remove it....

Also def_org = organisation id and def_serial is of course the serial number


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Re: Claiming devices with action batches, error 400

Right now I'm just starting to learn Python so I'm trying to get a handle on that before moving on to the Meraki Dashboard API. Thanks for providing your script, I'll take a look at it and try it out.
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