Cisco SecureX and Meraki API Integration

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Cisco SecureX and Meraki API Integration



I am trying to integrate Cisco SecureX and Meraki but I am not sure what to enter in the network ID, if I have more than 400 MX networks, how can I get all of them tied to SecureX ?  Also where can I find the Network ID on the Meraki Dashboard ?


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I do not believe there is an API endpoint that will let you do this in bulk (yet)

Network IDs are not present in the dashboard, but your organization ID is (near the bottom of many pages when you are browsing in an org), you can use that and your API key plus this endpoint to get your network IDs for each network!get-organization-networks

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Hi GH3!  My team at Cisco manages the Python threatresponse module.  The name is a little deceiving as it also knows about all the SecureX API's as well.
from threatresponse import ThreatResponse
meraki_module_id = "43829fec-75a0-4c76-b9ec-f2b22c469589"
network_id = "network_id_here"
api_key = "api_key"
module_name = "Meraki Module"
module_instance = {
  "name": f"{module_name}",
  "module_type_id": f"{meraki_module_id}",
  "settings": {
    "authorization-header": f"{api_key}",
    "custom_network-instance-id": f"{network_id}",
  "visibility": "org"
client = ThreatResponse(
        client_id = "client-alphanumeric_client_id_here",
        client_password = "Alphanumeric_client_password_here",
        region = "us"
response =



You can read more about the threatresponse python module here.

Forgot to mention, you can access our Swagger UI for managing modules @

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