ChangeLog removed from

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ChangeLog removed from

I went into today and saw immediately that the ChangeLog for the API has been removed. Does anyone know if this has been moved somewhere else? If this has been removed, why? How are we supposed to know about updates to the API, particularly new endpoints without this log?


Kind of a big deal

You are right, I don't see them there either. That is lame actually.

I think you can find them here though:
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Yes, that link gets me what I want. Thanks!


I agree, that was lame. Made sense to have that information along with the API documentation and code samples.

Yeah I mean...I really hope they put it back. The date stamps made all the difference too. Take care
Nolan Herring |

Actually, I took a further look. Me thinks there is something wrong with it, look at this example here:


@CarolineS - You might want to inform whomever on your end. 😃



Nolan Herring |
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Hi Everybody!


The Postman collection documented here, had become stale since our migration to Open API generated docs.


The Meraki API docs has an Export option, that allows you to get the latest generated Postman2 Collection based on the docs you are currently looking at.

You can also just use this link, which directly gives you the generated collection. You can then use that link or JSON to import into Postman as usual. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 6.02.45 PM.png


Yesterday, we used that exported collection to update the hand built version you are familiar with. The change log link has now been included at the top of that version, which points to the "What's new". These changes are now synchronized to the given API version, which is currently at 0.3.0.

(we were making so many enhancements to the API that writing them in the description became silly)


A few tips and tricks using the new collection:

The Collection folder, has environment variables pre-staged for you. These can be set at the Collection level or still be inherited from your Global Environment.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 5.52.41 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-10 at 5.52.56 PM.png


The API Key authorization is globally applied to all endpoint headers.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 5.53.03 PM.png


The endpoints now have all of the available options and descriptions pre-populated. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 5.53.15 PM.png


(NOTE: all of the options are currently on by default and may contain bogus values. Simply uncheck the param to clear it. In a near-term update we will set the params to be un-checked by default) -- FIXED when using



If you find any issues or have ways this can be improved, please let us know. The goal is to provide an up to date collection as often and accurately as possible. 






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I am all for improvements and for making things easier for users to use the API. However, for me these changes to the documentation on have removed my primary reference for the endpoint syntax. Yes, I am sure I can puzzle out what the endpoints do now that the nice descriptive names are gone and what is part of the endpoint path and what is a variable, but it shouldn't be that hard.


Now, I realize I am probably in the minority here, but updating things to make them easier to use in Postman does me no good because I don't use it. I looked at it when I started working with the API and couldn't figure out how to make it do what I needed, so I went back to basics and started writing code in a Python IDE. BTW, I also do not use the SDK, since I don't think it existed when I started with the API and I am not going to convert my 25+ scripts over to it without a really good reason.


Is there any site/page that simply has the endpoint syntax, data that will be returned, the parameters that can/need to be sent, and won't be disappearing in the next update?

Kind of a big deal

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This is just what I wanted. Thank you for for the link!

@CBurkhead and all,

There was a bug with Postman Documentation that caused the parameter details and code examples to not render. A fix has been applied to the collection so that it shows properly.



Postman with params and code screenshot.png



Note, that the syntax examples will show values from your currently selected environment. This may be blank or you can choose to use your own environment if logged in or using the desktop application.Postman environment selector.png

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