Capture Alert on Dashboard for Meraki Fan Failure on MX Device

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Capture Alert on Dashboard for Meraki Fan Failure on MX Device

Hello all,

I'm looking for an API to capture the following alert of MX250 device.

The alert is visible on the Network-> Security & SD-Wan -> Appliance Status page.
I have checked the network event logs, but I am not able to locate anything for this and there are no webhooks to trigger an alert for this either!
Would anyone happen to know how we can capture this alert?




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I can't see anyway to capture this one.

Head in the Cloud


Maybe you can get this information via snmp. Either via cloud or directly on the device.

I didn't check it, as I don't have a failed fan here, but it might be worth a try

@Greenberet @PhilipDAth 

Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions and information.

I have tested out SNMP, sadly that information does not get collected from it.

Will have to wait until they release a webhook or an API to check for such alerts.


Is this kind of error in the event log of the dashboard?

Hey @Greenberet ,

I checked the event logs for a month back from time I noticed the alert in the dashboard, there were no logs present for this.
Seems to be that the event log in the Dashboard only captures the software related alerts, don't see any filters or any logs for any Hardware faults in it. ( Do correct me if im wrong)

Hope this helps in any way. 
To the Meraki devs, please get us an API to view such alerts! 🙂 



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