Captive Portal APIs clickthrough

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Captive Portal APIs clickthrough

I was looking at this site that talks about utilizing the captive portal API. We’re wondering if there is a way to configure the Splash page to pass the node_mac or any of the other parameters along with the continue_url when they accept the terms and conditions and continue to the internet.


We want to redirect clients connecting to the "Nashville" AP to say, WELCOME TO NASHVILLE!  Then redirect the "Dallas" AP to say WELCOME TO DALLAS!.  Do all of that based on the MAC address. 


Need more direction on how to accomplish this.!click-through-api/logic-flow


Kind of a big deal

I think it's not possible on Meraki by default, maybe if you use a custom page, but I'm not sure. My suggestion is to open a support case.

Kind of a big deal

as I suspect just with a custom page. Look at this code example.

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Haven't tried this, but looking at the documentation...


You get the node_mac in the initial request sent to your splash server.


When you craft your continue_url, can't you do it based on the node_mac?


You can optionally add a continue_url and a duration query to tailor the login process. To send the client onto their intended site, copy the user_continue_url value into the continue_url parameter.


I.e. instead of using the default user_continue_url value, choose the continue_url you want based on node_mac, for instance you could use the same host/path and just add the node_mac value on the end of the URL as a parameter.

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