Cannot update Switch Ports Configuration.

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Cannot update Switch Ports Configuration.



I have used 2 different languages( and c# )  to update the port configuration on a switch ( tags and vlan ) and although the return status is 200, the configuration is not changed. I am sending the following information:


PUT v0/devices/{serial-num-of-switch}/switchPorts/1


And the data I am sending  is :


"vlan": 12,
"tags": "test"



Anything that I am missing to get this working?


Thanks in advance.




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Update to issue. I was able to update the port configuration via postman... So wondering why my API apps are not working..


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Are you certain that you're getting a 200 response?  Some Meraki API calls will respond with a redirect.  Not all libraries default to following redirects and some will even follow the redirect as a GET rather than a PUT or POST.


Do you want to share a bit of your python code (make sure to remove API key and any device serial numbers or network ids)?

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Postman just uses the API so possibly a difference in the code/calls you are using?  You can generate code from Postman to compare and verify. 

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I have discovered the issue the Content-Type was not set to 'application/json'.


Still does not explain why I get status 200 when Content-Type is set to 'text/plain'.




Hi Dear,
Please can you guide me how you have update switch port ? because i'm trying and it's not working

 what i need to do is to shutdown port number 4 of my ms switch


when i put the serial number of my switch and the number (port number) 4 and then i add the key enabled: false ( so it shutdown) i get this error: 


    "errors": [
        "Switch port schedule not found",
        "Storm control is currently not supported in this network",
        "Only one of access policy, MAC whitelist and Sticky whitelist may be specified"
Please help !
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Sorry I am using c#  controlling ports on the Meraki switch... So can't help you with specific python issues...


One question I do have have you supplied the Organization name to the  Meraki python api?


Is this error coming from the SDK method, or from a raw JSON PUT/GET?

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Hi there,


Here you have a small piece of python code i use to configure a switch .

Script set first port as an uplink and the last port as a Access Point 

The rest of the ports will be Data/Voip



    my_switch = dashboard.devices.getNetworkDevice(def_network,new_ms_serial)

    my_nr_ports = 48
    my_switch_type = my_switch['model']

    if my_switch_type == "MS120-24LP":
       my_nr_ports = 24
    if my_switch_type == "MS120-24P":
       my_nr_ports = 24
    if my_switch_type == "MS220-24":
        my_nr_ports = 24
    if my_switch_type == "MS220-8":
        my_nr_ports = 8
    if my_switch_type == "MS220-8FP":
        my_nr_ports = 8
    if my_switch_type == "MS22":
        my_nr_ports = 24
    for port_nr in range(1,my_nr_ports+1😞
        my_switch_port = dashboard.switch_ports.getDeviceSwitchPort(new_ms_serial,str(port_nr))

        my_switch_port = {}

        if port_nr == 1:
            my_switch_port['name'] = "Uplink to MX"
        elif port_nr == my_nr_ports - 1:
            my_switch_port['name'] = "Meraki Access Point"
            my_switch_port['name'] = "Data/VoIP"
            my_switch_port['type'] = "access"
            my_switch_port['vlan'] = 520
            my_switch_port['voiceVlan'] = 600
            my_switch_port['stpGuard'] = "bpdu guard"

        response = dashboard.switch_ports.updateDeviceSwitchPort(new_ms_serial,str(port_nr),**my_switch_port)     
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