CORS errors when calling with AppGyver ?


CORS errors when calling with AppGyver ?

HI there,


I'm trying to use SAP AppGyver to pull some data from the Meraki APIs. When doing this, I seem to be getting CORS errors and no response from the API. Now, AppGyver says I should find out how the meraki api should handle this ?


Anyone found a way around this with the api ?






Screenshot 2022-05-06 102839.jpg

Head in the Cloud

Do you have APIs enabled for your Org ?

Do you have an API key for that given Org ?

Have you provided that API key into the App that you are trying to consume the APIs ?

Yes, it all works fine in Postman on my desktop

If it works fine in Postman - you'll need to go back to AppGyver support.


CORs errors happen when you attempt to access one domain while using another.  For example, let's say you have open in your browser, and then your browser has some javascript that tries to open - that will cause a CORS error. should be called by back end code only.

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