API for organization change log

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API for organization change log

Is there any API to access the Organization Change log which is present in the dashboard?



 This ?


Thanks in advance.

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No you can't use the API to retrieve the change log

Is this still true?  I noticed the API docs have a section on the change log:



However, I couldn't find it in the python module that allows access to the API.  That section appears to be skipped over in the module.



Getting noticed

All endpoints should be in the latest Python package.  Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest.  

Thanks for replying.  Via pip, I am using "meraki-sdk" v 1.5.0.  


Is that the latest?  If not, where may I find it?



I might have answered my own question, the example script (

I was following used a different package "Meraki-sdk".


I found my way to: https://github.com/meraki/dashboard-api-python and installed with "pip install meraki" v.0.110.1


Is this what I should be using?



The sdk is depricated.  You should use pip install meraki --upgrade

Please note, the library is supported on Python 3.6 or above.

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As of August 2022, it was possible to get the change log via API.


[Configuration changes] *Equivalent to "Organization > Change log" Menu.
Get Organization Configuration Changes

API: GET /organizations/{organizationId}/configurationChanges

[View API request]
Get Organization Api Requests

API: GET /organizations/{organizationId}/apiRequests

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