API - Staged Upgrade?

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API - Staged Upgrade?

Hi all, do you know if there is an API for "Staged Upgrade" ?

According to the Meraki documentation (https://documentation.meraki.com/MS/Meraki_MS_Beta/Enhanced_Staged_Upgrades), it exists, but I can't find it  on de API V1 documentation 




Kind of a big deal

Upon looking at the /api/v1/openapiSpec and our Help > API Docs menu in my own Dashboard  , I do not see anything about that feature.  You might need to have it enabled first to see the documentation.


Features that are in Beta are rarely included in the official API V1 documentation on the cisco developper page. You usualy find them in Help > API Docs menu in Dashboard

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I don't think this is a beta API feature. I guess what they're trying to say is that staged upgrades can be accomplished using the API, but there isn't a specific endpoint dedicated to this.  If that is the case then this should be corrected on documentation

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