API - Returns a different timezone

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API - Returns a different timezone

Hi there ,


I'm currently using the API call : 


GET /networks/{networkId}/devices/{serial}/lossAndLatencyHistory

 and the return is something like : 


"startTs": "2019-04-07T02:54:00Z",
"endTs": "2019-04-07T02:55:00Z",
"lossPercent": 0,
"latencyMs": 13.5


although my timezone is curently configured as UTC -4 ( Montreal , Canada ). I know I could easly modify the output in python. But any idea why the output is UTC 0 instead of UTC -4. Can anyone test it and confirm that ''issue''.


Thanks a lot 

Kind of a big deal

It's probably by design to avoid confusion.


The Z in the time tells you the returned time is in Zulu time aka UTC.

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