unclaim an incorrect applied license


unclaim an incorrect applied license

Hello everyone,

- I have an organization consisting of an MX250 with advanced security and the co-termination license was added as a renewal. 

- Also I have an MX67W with an Enterprise license which added to my dashboard as add devices.

- MX67W License was claimed before MX250

- I want to connect MX67W and MX250 by site-to-site VPN.




Now as I want to add MX67 to my existing Organization, and use 'add to', but nothing will change and no error returns.

I also tried to make another organization and add MX67 to the new organization but the dashboard showed a warning on the license "license required".



I have checked this with Meraki sales and they told me since MX67W was added to the dashboard and then the rest of the devices added as renewal, now MX67 is out of license.

I checked around and found below instruction on how to unclaim an incorrectly applied license:



so in my case, I want to know if I create a new organization and ask the support team to put the MX67W in the new organization, should i also have a new dashboard license, and also if I can create this site-to-site VPN.


thank you.


Head in the Cloud

Re: unclaim an incorrect applied license

Hi @imovaffagh 

This is my understanding.

1. In one Organization all the firewall (MXes) should have of one license type. [Enterprise / Adv / SDWAN]

2. We need to have separate set of license for every Organization.

3. We can always have Site-to-Site VPN between two Organizations - but this will be a 3rd Party VPN configuration. AutoVPN will not be possible. I also understand we need public Static IPs at both the ends for this configuration.


Meraki Employee

Re: unclaim an incorrect applied license

It seems to me that the key thing here is to unclaim the license you claimed as a renewal, as per the instructions in the document you referenced.

When you claim a renewal in a co-term Organization, you must include a license for every device that you want to carry on working afterwards  (i.e., including your MX67's)


Ajit is right that you must have the same license level for all MXs in an Organization.

If you want Advanced Security, then once you have unclaimed the renewal you should ask Support to convert the Organization to Advanced Security (you will see the license time, til renewal shortens - as Adv Sec uses MX license time at twice the rate of Enterprise)

You will then be able to claim the license with the MX250 Adv Sec into your Adv Sec Organization.


With all your MXs in the same Organization, setting up (Auto)VPN between them will be so much easier and more powerful than setting up non-Meraki VPNs between the MXs in different Organizations.

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