multiple dashboards with same email


multiple dashboards with same email

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I'll be the first to raise my hand and say "that was a stupid thing to do". A work dashboard and the personal dashboard use the same email address. I'm trying to reset the password for the personal dashboard but the emails from Meraki have a link to change the work dashboard password. 

How do I force a password change for the personal dashboard?


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Kind of a big deal

You're using the same account and password for both. So it doesn't matter where you change it, it'll be changed for both organizations. You can't have two separate accounts with the same email.


I just have a personal and a professional account. My personal account is admin for my home network. My professional account is admin for both my home and professional networks.

Kind of a big deal

Second vote for using a personal email for your personal equipment's org, and your work email for your work org(s). 


You can add your personal account as another administrator to your personal org, activate that account, then delete your work email address from that organization.


Best practice recommends using 2 admins at any given time, so I'd use two personal accounts on your personal dash. Or more. My partner knows what he's doing, so he's got full org access to the network at home.

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