lowercase vs UPPERCASE in "Search Dashboard"

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lowercase vs UPPERCASE in "Search Dashboard"

My Customer and I have had the idea to copy the MAC address of the VDSL router of a given site into the "NOTES" field of the MX appliance. But MAC addresses do contain UPPERCASE hex letters "A" to "F" sometimes. And funny enough you cannot search for these in the "Search Dashboard" function!


After an hour of trial and error, I have found the following that I'd like to share witch the community:




You will not get a single match when searching...


I have reproduced this behavior on two different organizations and with a dozen of systematic test case, it's clearly a bug in my eyes. Therefore, I have both opened a case plus used "Make a Wish" in order to get rid of this.


(Try yourself or ask me for a set of screenshots in a PDF.)

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Nice thanks for sharing this, I have also noticed that when creating tags you can have a two different tags which are exactly the same word but one lowercase and one with uppercase and these do act as different tags


for Example


Tag 1 : Macbook


Tag 2 : macbook

Hi Blake,


tx for your interesting reply. I will copy it to our BT-internal OneNote Notebook where we always try to keep such "tipps&tricks" for other team mates.


I myself have always used a very restrictive set of characters for Meraki tags, i.e. "[a-z][a-z_]*" (if you're fine with a "regexp"). That said, UPPERCASE vs lowercase didn't play a role for me when searching for tags.


Rgds, Andreas.

While my OCD wants me to use captials my team and I have found with Meraki and other systems that uppercase letter tend to cause isues when searching so we only use lowercase. 

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