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enforce policies on agents

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enforce policies on agents


I was wondering if there is any way of enforcing some policies to clients/agents on the network.

Wanted to enforce the change of password every 90 days, that it would have all updates installed on the computer, enforce that antivirus would be enabled even on apple computers, firewall enabled, things like that. Needed to enforce that the computers would pass PCI compliance.

would there be any way of doing it ?

Thanks in advance

Kind of a big deal

Re: enforce policies on agents

@Marcelo wrote:


Wanted to enforce the change of password every 90 days

This practice is being actively discouraged by security specialists. It creates more problems than it solves. Don't do it.There are far more secure ways of authenticating users without recourse to 2FA.

You might like to consider the use of

  • facial recognition
  • finger print recognition
  • password manager
  • certificates

personalizable_corgi_butt_post_it_notes-rfc2487d51a6346a29a60fc1f41665095_eabg3_324[1].jpgNot a secure way to save passwords



Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
Meraki Employee

Re: enforce policies on agents

Not sure if I mis-read the question @Marcelo, but sounds like you want to deploy network admission control for full profiling & posturing of devices to meet minimum requirements before gaining access to the network.  Are you looking at Cisco ISE?  Also, if you have MR wireless there is a PCI report under the wireless menu that might help give some pointers.

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