Viewing internet uptime/downtime on Meraki 67 and MR33

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Viewing internet uptime/downtime on Meraki 67 and MR33

Hello community, we run a Meraki MX-67HW and MR33-HW with the advanced security license for both.


We have a business internet connection, but it frequently goes down for a minute or two at a time. Is it possible to view a log that shows all the outages on a graph or as events? I'd like to share with our ISP so they can improve our connection problems.


It's possible the problem isn't the ISP but it's the hardware, if there is a way to diagnose, this would also be helpful.

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Kind of a big deal

When you go go Security & SD-WAN > Appliance Status there's a bar that shows the connectivity of your MX over time. With the drop-down you can make it show the data up to a month back.


There's also an alert you can setup for an MX going offline. But unfortunately it only allows a minimum downtime of 5 minutes before the alert is triggered. This and other alerts can be found in Network-Wide > Alerts


You may also want to look into Meraki Insight. It has a feature called WAN health:

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