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Using API for Mass iPad movement

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Using API for Mass iPad movement

So long story short, we swapped out iPads this summer and I want to know the best way to get the API to move iPads from the default Apple Device Enrollment Program Network to specific Networks for each school we have. 


I have found this which is tremendously lacking for specifics on how best to accomplish this task.


Does anyone have some experience with this and can get me some advice on how do this via API?


I'd prefer not to move 4000+ iPads by hand in SM.

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Re: Using API for Mass iPad movement

Never done this before but what I would do is tag the devices / school or perhaps you have a naming convention?


Use the GET functionality of the API to get a list of all your iPads.


And after this use those filtered lists to put the iPads in the networks using the API part you posted here.


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Re: Using API for Mass iPad movement

Do the machines have tags or anything else like that?  Because in the dashboard you can select machines and move them to another Systems Manager network.

Screenshot from 2018-09-01 07-31-00.png


If you have a naming convention or anything else that identifies the machines so you can search on them then you could use this approach.


Failing that, I would write a script to apply a tag to the devices to easily identify them, and then use the Dashboard to bulk move them to the correct network.

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Re: Using API for Mass iPad movement

@PhilipDAth and @Ben Thank you both for your ideas. I figured out a way to make it much simpler to determine the iPads for each school. As I had the serial numbers for each school, all I needed to do is unenroll the iPads in Apple School Manager and re-enroll them.


Capture.PNGOnce I did that it cleared the settings from the batch of iPads so I could easily identify each schools iPads so that I could move them to the correct school and add my tags for the school.




I'd still love to know how to do it through the API but this has definitely made sorting the iPads out to their correct schools go much faster.

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