User as Read-only Permission Question

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User as Read-only Permission Question

In the documentation it was said that the Read-Only user is able to see the configurations and cannot save its settings. Except for generating a prepaid cards Pin codes

How am I going to prevent the user for generating prepaid cards Pin Codes?

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi Louein,

I wasn't able to find that detail in our documentation, and we actually no longer support billing SSIDs/prepaid cards directly through the Meraki Splash page. A read-only admin should NOT be able to make any changes whatsoever, so if you are able to create pin codes as a read-only network or organization admin, please open a support case to have the bug documented and sent to engineering to resolve.


I was not able to replicate this behavior on my own accounts.

If you are interested in a billing/paid SSID option via splash page - these are available via our partner portals which the details of can be found here:


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