Unbind Old AP from Previous Network

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Unbind Old AP from Previous Network

We have acquire a new branch with a deployed Cisco Meraki MR33. An IT administrator who handles the device before didn't endorse to us the credential to access the AP. The device isn't been removed from the previous network. With that, when creating our network as a new owner of the device, we can't add it into our network since its serial is already been used. Also, we are not able to change the settings even configure the AP. Is there anyone here who can help us to unbind the device from the previous network?, since we don't also have any contact of their account representative from Cisco Meraki before. Kindly see an attached photo.


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You need either to get in contact with the "old" admin, which needs to unclaim the device...

Or open a support case...but sure if they will help you, as you are probably not an admin of the old organization.

What if the license of the device is not yet renewed then we will going to purchase a new one. With that, can we add now the AP into our network? Or still we have to contact the old admin?

I guess you still will have the problem to claim the device...as it is still claimed in an other organisation.

Meraki 1.pngBut as what I've found out, it states that if the organization doesn't renew a license, it will be shutdown. If so, is the device still binds on it even if it is shutdown or not?

Check this document...it says that meraki licenses are intended to use by the original customer...but this does not really answer if you now own the HW and would like to buy a new license...

I would, still open a support question and ask on how to proceed in this case.




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If a device is in a network in an organisation, it cannot be claimed elsewhere even if that organisation has no license.  There are only two ways to claim such a device:


  • Get the admin of the original organisation to remove the device from a network
  • Prove to Cisco support that you own the device by showing the initial invoice / shipping / claim information.
Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

as a matter of best practice i would suggest you don't post device serial numbers in the community

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