Trying to find device with dup IP by mac address

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Trying to find device with dup IP by mac address

I have a situation with a duplicate IP being reported on the network.  One of the devices is our core Meraki switch.  The other shows as a Cisco device running switch OS.  Unfortunately, I cannot find this other device.


Every time I look at the client in question by mac address, it shows that it was last seen by a different Meraki switch, making almost impossible to locate.


Being that the duplicate is the same as my core switch, I am concerned that it may be adversely affecting my network performance.


Is there a more effective way to locate a mac address on the network?

Kind of a big deal

Is your Meraki switch a layer 3 switch?  If not, change the IP address it is using.  Much simpler.

The switch is our core switch.  Changing its IP may cause me more problems that a duplicate IP.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If it is the management IP then it should not matter if you change it, unless you have specific firewall rules to allow it to talk to the cloud, or an old skool SIEM that relies on source IP for syslog traffic categorisation...


Our newer MSs, including L3 stack members are all on DHCP, much to our reseller's consternation 😇

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