Transfering equipment and licenses

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Transfering equipment and licenses

Hi, I'll start by saying I work in commercial property management. I recently recovered meraki equipment from a now-defunct political campaign. And was paid to remove all contents of the space they had used. This equipment is now legally mine. But I can't get in contact with the original admin to transfer the licenses. How would I go about getting this resolved?


I've tried contacting support but they don't respond to my emails. I tried calling the support number but it asks for an 8 digit support key that my account doesn't have.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal



Unfortunately if you cannot get the existing admin to add you as an admin or transfer to you then the equipment has no value.  If you were contracted to clear the site with the expectation that the items could be re-used then I would point out to them that unless you get the license, they have given you nothing.

I'll keep looking for any documents detailing contacts. On the legal side of this, the equipment could be considered reparations. I just don't want to toss roughly $2k of barely used equipment into the can. The worst part of this all is even getting contact with anyone over this.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Only the original admin can transfer the licences and kit.


If you can't recover their login details then the kit is now worthless.  Bin it.

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