Dashboard traffic chart - how is it calculated ?

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Dashboard traffic chart - how is it calculated ?

I'm a bit confused about what the traffic charts in Meraki dashboard are showing me.
In "Network-Wide - Clients". What are the graphs displaying there ?

Is it the total of every switch + every ap + every client ? It seems to me that a lot of traffic is counted twice or more in the graph. For example, to get internet or any kind of citrix or other application services the traffic have to pass on the WAN link. But, our ISP shows the wan link tops of around 30-40 Mb/s usage.
If i look at the "Clients" page in meraki dashboard it shows up to 160 Mb/s.


And if i look at the Meraki switchport going to the ISP router it matches the ISP graph.



Network Wide - ClientsNetwork Wide - ClientsISP Wan linkISP Wan link

Getting noticed

The Client view in Network Wide shows the entire usage of that particular network. Let say if u have only an access point, in that case, it shows entire traffic transmitted from the connected clients of that access point. It can be internet traffic, LAN traffic, etc. 


I made a drawing here. There should be no significant traffic going between the clients here, they are all connecting to the server in this drawing.

If each pc is using 10 Mb/s how is that displayed in the Client view ?

Will it be 40 Mb/s or will be it be something like Switch 1 + Switch 2 + Switch 3, in that case it will be 90 Mb/s ?
That sounds strange to me, but I can't find any other way to explain the graphs.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Each type of device should only count the traffic once for a client it identifies, therefore in your example where you only have switches it should count correctly.  Issues can arise where traffic is counted twice on L3 switches and MXs in particular which is why the new client identifier method has been created, but so far in my testing it has it's own set of issues so I have reverted to mac based.

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