Traffic/status graphics takes forever to load ?

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Traffic/status graphics takes forever to load ?

Hi All U Laser-sharp Meraki people .. 


Is it just a personal thing / karma-issue, or do You also see load times on graphs etc. in the dashboard ?

I see it loading (forever) on ie. Uplink traffic on a MX , DHCP status etc. 


Tried Chrome, Incognito, Edge, Firefox .. 😞


Any ideas ?


2020-11-12 11_30_32-Window.png

Kind of a big deal

I have had it happen from time to time.  Usually, an indication to go get a coffee and then try again.

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@PhilipDAth 😀😀  Will be mighty bad for my stomache with that load of coffee ..


It's permanent, when this cute wheel keeps spinning .. 


It's not about bandwidth, thats clear .. it's the same om ADSL, fiber or 10G internet links.

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I thought Meraki were doing some work in November to improve the dashboard to make it scale further?


There was an email about the API that seemed to suggest they were making it more distributed.

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Ah .. It seems related to a specific device ..


One MX64 .. 🤔


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Suspect the MX has a problem. 

Am having problems with the "Open Case" though .. 

Anybody else having issues with feedback, or am I just beeing a busybody?

- 29/10 Me: Case open, lotz of details

- 29/10 Meraki: Standard reply: Please clarify ?!?

- 29/10 Me: Reply with -all- Troubleshoot information .. 

- 30/10 Me: Update with further relevant info

- 6/11: Me: Call for status ? No reply

- 9/11: Me: Call for status ? No reply

10/11: Me - PHONED support .. went through the setup for a whole hour, no solution: We will get back to you .. 

10/11: Me: Updated with promised troubleshooting, no answer

11/11: Me: Updated with promised troubleshooting, no answer

12/11: Me: Feedback with observations, no answer

13/11: Me: Further info, and directions to illustrate the problem, no answer

16/11: Me: Call for status, no answer 




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