Summary report of least-used APs by client count?

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Summary report of least-used APs by client count?

Hello, hoping someone knows how to do this, either in the Dashboard or with the API. I have 1300 Meraki APs spread across a few dozen buildings, hundreds of different rooms, hallways, attics, basements. I'm looking to properly balance the network, meaning redeploy unused or massively underused APs to high-density areas.


But to do that, I need good data on the usage of each AP, preferably by client count over a day. The summary report page only gives summary data for the top 50 devices, so I need a way to get the data for the other 1250 devices. Am I missing something obvious?

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On the AP summary/list page if you enable the Clients with Usage column and choose last day as the time range does that meet your needs?

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Perhaps try:


Search for MR.  Click on the Usage column to show the least used at the top.  As a bonus, this also lets you export the results to CSV.






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@Ryan_Milesand @PhilipDAth thanks for the suggestions. I missed the notifications in email so I just saw your responses now.


I can do that as a 1-off, but I need to keep looking for a way to automate that process into aggregate reports. Doing it as a 1-off should be usable for a quick report (say once per day for 2 weeks), but not ideal for longer term data reporting. I like scheduling API jobs for stuff like that, but I can't find anywhere in the API to pull this type of data easily.

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