Summary Report Uplink Stats


Summary Report Uplink Stats

Hey all,

We recently upgraded our network to a full Meraki deployment and have 2 MX84s in an HA pair at the WAN edge. Due to our current IP addressing + demarcation situation with the secondary INET though, we don't have full dual WAN HA redundancy. So while there is WAN redundancy on the Primary, without setting up either a VIP configuration or using an ISP switch, our WAN2 link is permanently down on the Secondary MX. That issue aside, on the Summary Reports we've observed values on the WAN2 link showing 50% packet loss and uptime. This leads me to believe that these stats are aggregated between both the primary and secondary appliances, but I have not been able to find any information that confirms this. Am I correct in assuming that?



Summary Report Uplink.png

Kind of a big deal

I am not sure but based on what you have provided it sounds logical. Flick support a message I am sure they will confirm this for you.
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