Should I upgrade to firmware 18.107.2 or stick with 17.10.6?

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Should I upgrade to firmware 18.107.2 or stick with 17.10.6?

Recently, I just finished making a network migration across different organization. After I un-claimed and reclaimed the devices, I surprisingly found that my MX68 firmware version was upgraded automatically from 17.10.4 to 18.107.2. All of my other MX84 from other sites are running 17.10.4. Should I upgrade all of them to 18.107.2? Why my MX68 also got automatically upgraded as well? I have 3 Non-Meraki S2S VPNs as well with the SonicWall firewalls.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I upgraded mine to version 18.107.2 and had no major problems, the only thing I noticed is that I can't access my Windows workstations via RDP (I don't know if it could be one of the security features I have enabled ), but for hours it is not bothering me.

By the way, it's not Windows firewall or antivirus blocking it, I made sure to test that.

Just an update, I had to rollback because I wasn't able to print over the network. Upset.

@alemabrahao were you ever able to resolve your RDP and printing issues on 18.107.2?

Nope, I performed the rollback.

Hi! Does the network print mean printing within the same network or sending the print job via the VPN to a printer from another location? For my experience, local printing is OK. No complaints from my operation team for 2 weeks.


How about the RDP as well? I will try myself and update you back tomorrow.
My test scenario will be as below.
My PC (within 18.107.2 network) will RDP to a server within 17.10.4 network.

I could RDP to one of my server within 17.10.4 through non-Meraki VPN.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If I were you I would leave the MX that's already upgraded on 18.107.2 to pilot the firmware and leave the rest on 17.10.6 for now

I don't know why the firmware was upgraded to 18.107.2 after claiming the device in the new network. But before claiming, I replicated the same configs as far as the dashboard allows without adding device. Could it be because of that?

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I had the same problem with the rdp.

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