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Service part details via dashboard


Service part details via dashboard

One of clients want to see service part details like CON-3RO4-MX64-HW of MX64 on dashboard. Where do we find it?

Kind of a big deal

Re: Service part details via dashboard

There are no such part numbers to see.  "Service" is integrated into your licence.  The closest you can do is go:

Organization/License Info

Which shows when your licence expires.

Meraki Employee

Re: Service part details via dashboard

In order to see those "RO" service SKUs (they will not show up in Dashboard, the closest you'll get I believe is the License Info page as @PhilipDAth pointed out) you would have to work with your partner/reseller who can correlate the applicable SKUs in CCW (Cisco Commerce Workspace), and perhaps provide a list, in this case it looks like you want to see some "RMA Only" service SKUs for 24x7x4.  

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