Searching for client

Kind of a big deal

Searching for client

Hey guys,


Not sure if this is a new issue or known


If I have hundreds of AutoVPN sites, and I need to find a client but I don't know what network he's on, I only know the IP of the client, what is the best method to locate the network he's on?


It's been a while since I've had to do this, and in the past I thought (I could be remembering this wrong) that if I put the client IP in the search bar at the very top, it would search all my networks.

Tried it now, even using my laptop's IP, even already on the correct/same network, and it found nothing.


If this happens in the future, the best option I can think of is to pull up the Route Table and search for the subnet there.



Nolan Herring |
Kind of a big deal

You can put the client's MAC address in the top search bar to find them.


If you go Security & SD-WAN/Route Table (any network with AutoVPN enabled) you can search for a subnet to find which site it is.

Kind of a big deal

@NolanHerring @I am able to search with the client MAC address. 

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Thanks guys


Yeah all I had at the time was the IP, but I ended up just searching the AutoVPN Route Table to find which network the subnet lived in, then client list from there. Just sort of realized it was a little more difficult than I thought it should be, or remember it being.


MAC does work, just wish IP would too.

Nolan Herring |
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