Same dashboard hosted in different Meraki Cloud regions


Same dashboard hosted in different Meraki Cloud regions

Is there any plan to allow having a Organization Dashboard hosted in different Meraki Cloud regions such as US, EU, SA, etc? For example, if you have the dashboard in US and you have networks around the globe, so if you enable the option "Use Meraki Proxy" for Radius in a network in Warsaw that traffic stays in Meraki EU cloud instead of going to Meraki US cloud. I mean using based on Cloud proximity. If you are in Asia use Meraki Asia Cloud. And having the same Organization Meraki Dashboard for all our networks.


Kind of a big deal

I don't believe there's any plans for this.

As per the cloud architecture doc, the recommendation is to use different orgs for globally dispersed networks.


"For customers with globally dispersed networks, separate organizations should be created for each data storage region (N. and S. America, Europe, Asia, and China). The hosting region for each account can be found at the bottom of Meraki dashboard pages when a user is signed in."

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