Resync 2FA with new mobile

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Resync 2FA with new mobile

How do I resync 2-factor authentication after changing my mobile phone and re-installing Google authenticator - this is for a test organisation with a single administrator

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Kind of a big deal

I have had to do 2fa when I got a new phone so I would remove 2fa and set it up again.


That’s where the problem is - this is the only admin account on the organisation so I cannot access the dashboard to make any changes

Your only hope then is making a support call. Possibly they‘re able to deactive 2FA for your account. Woudln‘t count on it though cause this would cause a security issue.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you don't have your old phone to still be able to log in and you don't have the bypass codes - you are now locked out.  Following this procedure to regain access: 


What we do internally is we keep a copy of the original QR code that was used to add to Google Authenticator so we can re-add it to phones easily.

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