Powerconsuption of the CMNA Equipment

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Powerconsuption of the CMNA Equipment

Hello together,

I hope this is the correct channel for this. I had make "a wish", but nothing has happend.
My CMNA Equipment consums together 29Watt. I thought that is OK.

But after I had tested all parts of their own, I recognized something ugly.
Around 10 Watt of the 29Watt are user by the power supplys of their own.
The power supplys are not connected to the units.

I think this can be optimised and is far away from green IT.

Can someone else confim this?

Kind regards

Kind of a big deal

You would probably need to go and buy your own high efficiency power supplies.  You'll probably find this tricky to do at such low power levels.  I've only seen good efficiency power supplies for things that draw much higher power loads.


You also need to consider what you are doing to feed the power supplies.  Are you given them good power with a power factor ratio of 1 - or poor quality power with a low power factor of 0.8 - making it hard for them to be efficient.  You can't expect them to perform well if you are feeding them badly.


A solar panel and storage battery could be fun to play with ...

Kind of a big deal

 Conversion from AC to DC is never that efficient hence why DC power packs get so warm. 29 Watts is not alot compared to a single 100w light bulb....

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