New vs Old Version in Dashboard

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New vs Old Version in Dashboard

I have just received this from Support, does this sound right to anyone as I haven't come across this before?  Makes me wonder what the point of the new version is if you have to keep flipping back to the old one to make changes.


Changes in the new version are not reflected in the old one, which is how it has always been.
Changing the sponsor email domains doesn't revert the sponsor duration to 1 hour, it is because in the backend the configuration from the old acces control page would take over.

The next step would be to navigate as follows:
Access Control → View old version → Change sponsorhip duration from 1 hour to 4 weeks in the old version → Save changes and only then move to the new version.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Lets just say it is 90%.

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